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Planted aquarium in kitchen

Aquariums have multiple benefits for their owners, aquariums provide a sense of relaxation, they are a living form of art and the fish become your pets. Fish tanks help teach young people about responsibility and the fundamentals of aquatic life. Having a planted and well aquascaped aquarium can look fantastic inside your home or workspace. Having a slice of nature in your office or living space helps you remain calm as you feel connected to nature. Fish moving through the water is a lovely sight to see. Aquariums can be setup in a variety of manners throughout your home or office. Having even a small aquarium on your desk allows you to escape your busy working life for a moment, allowing you to stay calm throughout even a stressful day. Cycling a new fish tank and caring for your fish can be a fun learning experience for a family. For some people, like me, this was the doorway into a new and fulfilling lifetime hobby! There is so much to learn and see within the fishkeeping hobby and many hobbyists become truly inspired after setting up their first fish tank. Creating an eye pleasing environment for your fish which allows them to breed and exhibit their natural behaviours is extremely rewarding.


How an aquarium can fit into your home:


Desktop Aquarium – The perfect choice for your office! If you have a small aquarium providing your desk is strong enough, you have the option to setup it up on your desk. This means you will be able to watch your aquarium throughout the day and allows you to keep a close eye on your fish. Having a desktop tank should decrease your stress during the working day, allowing mini mental breaks whilst enjoying your little slice of nature. When setting up a desktop fish tank, ensure your equipment is relatively quiet as background noise can be distracting when you are trying to focus.


Freestanding Aquarium – If you want a bigger aquarium in your home or office a freestanding aquarium is the best option. Larger aquariums come with a stand which means you have even more options in terms of where you place the tank. A larger aquarium will be more stable and allow you to keep more or larger fish. Free standing aquariums can look very stylish, and you can get a stand colour which matches the rest of your interior. Depending on where your tank is located choose fish which you can easily see and will enjoy, especially if you view the tank from far away. Keep in mind your equipment and maintenance when you choose a location for your tank, it is easy to forget to leave room down the back for plugs!


Bespoke Installation – If you want to take your fishkeeping hobby to the next level or want a big statement piece in your home consider getting a bespoke aquarium installed. Large aquariums in a wall or built into the architecture of a building can look fantastic and the aquarium becomes part of your house itself. Large bespoke aquariums can have sump filtration located below the display tank meaning you can place all your equipment in there leaving nothing to distract the viewer when look at your fish and décor. Bespoke aquariums can brighten a room or make it appear bigger; you can frame the edge of the aquarium if there is a specific look you want to achieve. Bespoke aquariums are the most expensive option but are also the most impactful and give you the most freedom when choosing what fish species to keep.



AQUAnatur was created by an established UK aquarium installation and maintenance company near London which has been running for over 25 years! Our team are very experienced and happy to help offer advice with any aquarium questions. We are always available via phone or email Monday -Friday, feel free to contact us, we would love to help! AQUAnatur supply a range of aquariums and aquascaping products. If you have a question, please leave a comment or contact us via phone or email.

By Alasdair McPhail

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