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Planted fish tank

Aquarium Water Change Advice 2023

Don’t be afraid of large water changes! A common myth within the fishkeeping hobby is that you should only do 20% water changes, this is not true! If your water roughly matches temperature and is d...

Planted aquarium

How To Setup a Successful Livebearer Aquarium

Live bearing endlers, guppies, platys and swordtails have become a staple in the fishkeeping world. They are incredibly popular with both beginners and experienced breeders. In this article I will ...

Planted Aquarium

Oddball Plant Species For Your Planted Tank

Do you want to create an alien landscape within your planted fish tank, or do you want to make your planted aquarium stand out? Planted tanks often look similar to one another, having some unusual ...

Black line tetra in planted tank

Final Touches - Get The Most Out Of Your Aquarium! 2023

Let’s be honest, we have all thought it at some point. You’ve spent weeks planning your aquarium, cycling it, stocking it and suddenly there is nothing left to do but maintain it. What else can you...

large planted tank

Peaceful Giants - Large Peaceful Aquarium Fish 2023

Lots of aquarists keep a community aquarium with a wide range of fish species of different sizes. It is easy to understand the excitement of a mixed species aquarium, fish of different colours and ...

Cherry shrimp in a planted tank.

Cherry Shrimp Care Guide 2023

Small aquariums are very popular, but small nano aquariums can be hard to stock with fish due to the limited water volume so sometimes a shrimp dedicated tank is your best option. Cherry shrimp are...