Peaceful Giants - Large Peaceful Aquarium Fish 2023

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Lots of aquarists keep a community aquarium with a wide range of fish species of different sizes. It is easy to understand the excitement of a mixed species aquarium, fish of different colours and sizes can be a fascinating sight to see. Although the fish in this article are considered peaceful, you must ensure you tank is the correct size, not over stocked and offers a range of territories to help avoid aggression. Also, if it can fit in a fishes’ mouth they may eat it, always keep this rule in mind. In this article I will discuss some larger peaceful fish options for you to consider if you are setting up a large community tank and need some inspiration. 


Pleco – These large algae eaters can grow over 18 inches long! They are mostly herbivorous and have sucker mouths designed to eat algae from surfaces, because of this they are not a threat to fish. I have seen large common plecos kept with tiny fish such as endler guppies with no problems.


Clown Loach – Clown loaches are a beautiful fish which sadly are often placed in tanks which are far too small. This beautiful fish can grow to be over a foot long! They are often wrongly sold as a solution to pest snails, these fish can offer so much more than that! They are slow growers, but they must always be kept in a large tank. Clown loach do best in groups of at least six. The best thing about this large colourful fish is that they are very peaceful. They have small mouths and are usually not a threat to small fish.


Black Ghost Knife Fish – Black ghost knife fish grow large; they can reach a size of over one and a half foot long! Although black ghost knife fish are large, they are relatively peaceful and can be quite shy, it’s important to ensure are not outcompeted for food. Although they are peaceful, they would do best kept with other larger community fish as they may eat very small fish.


Discus – Discus are a specialist fish which requires pristine water and higher temperatures than most other tropical fish. Discus need a specialist setup and require large frequent water changes. Although these fish grow large, they usually pose no threat to other fish species. They are a timid species which appreciates dither fish which makes them feel more confident. Discus display the most aggression towards each other when they are establishing a hierarchy.


Pearl Gourami – Pearl gouramis are a beautiful fish which can grow to over 5 inches. This popular fish is very popular in the hobby. They are usually very gentle fish and be kept with medium to large peaceful community fish. I have seen this fish do well long term with deep bodied schooling fish such as harlequin rasboras.



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By Alasdair McPhail

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