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Pros and Cons - Low Tech Planted Tank

Low Tech Planted Tank

What is a ‘low tech’ planted tank?

When setting up a planted aquarium terms like ‘low tech’ and ‘high tech’ get mentioned a lot. For newcomers these terms may be unfamiliar. A low tech essentially means a planted tank with less or lower powered technology. This mainly refers to the lighting, fertiliser regime and whether there is additional CO2 being injected. A low tech planted tank will generally have lower powered lighting, no CO2 being injected and will require liquid fertilisers less frequently than a high tech tank. High tech planted tanks work well for high demanding species such as Monte Carlo as they have more intense lighting and CO2 injection. A high tech planted tank requires more frequent fertiliser doses and water change due to the high rate of growth within the planted tank. Low tech planted tanks produce a slower growth rate and work best for easy care plant species such as Anubias, Microsorum and Cryptocoryne.

Low tech Pros

Low tech planted tank will overall use less energy and cost less to setup than high tech setups. CO2 injection and high intensity lights are expensive. These setups will require less trimming as the plants will have a slower growth rate. You also won’t need to dose liquid fertilisers as regularly as the plants will take longer to use up nutrients. Some people prefer the dimmer appearance of a low tech setup, the dimmer light may also be appreciated by certain species of fish.

Low tech Cons

Low tech planted tanks will not evolve as rapidly or as noticeably when compared to a high tech setup, some hobbyists enjoy the changing environment as the plants grow. You may not see as healthy growth in a low tech setup due to a lack of CO2. Carbon dioxide is required for healthy plant growth and levels will be low in a low tech planted setup. The appearance is dimmer which some people may not like, this opinion will differ among fish keepers. If you want a bright colourful eye catching planted aquarium, then a high tech setup might better suit you.



Good luck with your planted tank whether it’s a low tech or high tech setup! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, our expert friendly team are happy to help. AQUAnatur stock a variety of low tech and high tech planted tank products.

By Alasdair McPhail

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