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Aquascape in Direct Sunlight? - Where To Place Your Planted Aquarium

Planted aquarium not in direct sunlight

The rules for choosing where to place your planted tank are simple

Where to place your planted aquarium is an important choice but not the be all and end all as some hobbyists will have you believe… There are a few things to consider when choosing a location: will it be enjoyed, will it be stable, and will it be too bright? Firstly, and most importantly choose a location where your new aquarium will be enjoyed, all too often I see aquariums in hallways or high traffic areas where no one stays for very long. Hallways are never a good option to place an aquarium as you will only view it in passing. Choose a location like your lounge, bedroom or office, somewhere you will spend a good amount of time in. This will mean you will get more enjoyment from your planted aquarium, and you will be able to spot any issues early on. Secondly, what are you putting your aquarium on? It needs to be strong, stable and level. The last thing you want is your aquarium cabinet to fail or your tank to crack because of an uneven surface. Lastly, is your aquarium going to get too much light? In my opinion this topic is often over emphasised, and people are led to believe that even an hour of direct sunlight will cause an algae bloom in your planted tank and will ruin your aquascape. As long as you avoid placing your aquarium in a location like a conservatory or by a window which receives constant sun all day long your planted tank will mostly likely remain healthy. Please keep in mind I am writing this in relation to our UK climate. If you choose a spot near a window which gets sun for an hour or so a day this generally will not cause much of an issue for a healthy planted tank from my experience. Some people say the direct sun for a few hours even benefits their plants. Lastly and most importantly, consider placing a chair in view of your new aquarium so you can get as much enjoyment from your planted aquarium as possible.



If you would like any help deciding on a good spot for your new planted tank then please contact us or leave a comment, we are happy to help. AQUAnatur supply a range of high quality aquariums and supplies.

By Alasdair McPhail             

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